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Mod Haus designs are partially inspired by Eichler, Haver, and a touch of Schreiber brothers  who worked to bring better designs to the masses.

Eichler, who once lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright home, was known for his Midcentury Modern aesthetic and built more than 11,000 homes in California between 1950 and 1974.

Ralph Haver was an architect working in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, from 1945 until the early 1980s. Haver designed the Mid-Century Modern Haver Homes, affordable tract housing executed in a contemporary modern style

What we found is that there is clearly an interest in those cleaner Eichler/Haver kind of lines. Mod Haus and our team tries to look through the eyes of these designers and imagine if they were around today, having the materials we work with, what would they do?

As we grow we have noticed several other architects from the Mid Century era who have influenced me. So as not to give all the credit to the two above I have decided to update this page to reflect that.

The Schreiber twins were born in 1915, five minutes or twenty minutes apart, depending on your source. All sources agree that Charles emerged first and usually stayed in front. Charles was ‘Chick’, Arthur was ‘Art.’ They did well for themselves in Phoenix. They were shrewd innovators, ultimately responsible for the design of 150,000 homes across the country, with a long list of builders, in 49 states and seven countries. Their designs are simple but instantly when you see one you are drawn to it. They become easy to recognize and are often referred to as those Haver like homes. 

"People are simplifying -- living simpler and cleaner, Mod Haus strives to create homes that embody these desires but also instantly makes you feel hip." MH