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 Reflecting the era they were designing in, midcentury modern architects spilling over with ideas and concepts. They believed the forward-looking designs could be a pathway for social change, hopefully inspiring and creating a better society. Linear flat planes, expansive glass windows and open space, these homes featured simplicity and a connection with outdoors and nature to encouraging its occupants to explore. 

  At Mod Haus these philosophies have carried over. As our designs have grown we have realized the impact space can have on the residents. We must admit that it is not for everyone, as we sometimes hear, "I feel like I am on display" or "what do I do with this space in the house" we believe just because there is 10 feet between your wall and kitchen island does not mean you need to fill it. Often it is not until we have staged the Haus that people understand the space and appreciate what it means. 

  Massive windows are never in a shortage at Mod Haus. Every Mod Haus must have at least one big picture window bring the indoor and outdoor space into one continuous, almost seamless space. This Invites everyone from parents to the youngest child to stare out the window and wonder at the world around them. 

  Another feature of every Mod Haus is the great room/kitchen connection. This space is always expansive and invites everyone in the Haus to participate in what is going on. Whether it's dinner, a neighborhood gathering or just a family hangout night our spaces inspire the gathering.

  We also believe in front outdoor living spaces. Investments in the design of these front outdoor living spaces create just enough privacy to feel like you are in your own space but still invite the neighbors to reach out and ask, "how was your day". It has never failed to amaze us that once we have completed a Haus how the neighbors all come to gather for a final farewell to Mod Haus as we move on to the next Haus. This always takes place on that front outdoor living space and grows as the evening goes on. If you haven't figured it out, it's a front porch, but in a Mod Haus it is so much more. It's more by design.

  Materials and dimensions are one of the final hallmarks of a Mod Haus. We constantly explore and work with different materials to offer something unique. Working with either original 1950's block by leaving a wall or creating a new block wall to seamlessly connect with a Brazilian IPE wood or a modern composite. Gaps in the materials can also create dimension and texture to the elevation of a house. Changes in height of exterior, and interior also help create this feel. Roofs that change in plate line heights, pitches, and designs. Interior ceilings that go from vaulted to flat, and from 9 to 10 and higher feet tall to reflect the desired mood of the space. Elevation changes in the floor can also help create a different feel between shared living spaces and private spaces.

  These concepts Mod Haus considers so absolute that when asked to build a haus outside our design language, we decline. Mod Haus invites you to contact us and arrange to see our work. It's special to us and we hope it's special to you.

​CONCEPTS OF MOD HAUS GROUP AND THE MID CENTURY IMPACT                                                        

​When we say the Mod Haus Design homes are unique and beautiful, you don't need to just take our word for it – we keep an updated past and present project page or look to the latest press releases for information.​



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