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luxury home builds in phoenix (‚Äč4222 E. ROMA)

The original 1950's haus resides on a postage stamp lot in the highly regarded area of dateland homes. At just over 1000 sqft this tiny ranch style haus served a few families really well for 70 years but its lot position and location screamed to be better utilized. In Mod Haus style it became important to maintain a feel that did not disrupt the neighborhood. In a world where every developer was busy creating two story monsters all while the lawsuits started piling up. We met with the neighbors discussed their concerns and created a single story that maxed out the lot but met every ones needs. The neighborhood gave us incredible support in the design and voted Michele as the preferred realtor for the dateland palm and homes area. 

With 3 bedrooms and 2 baths this 1962 sqft haus represents the pinnacle of what Mod Haus can do. Showing that incredibly sophisticated haus's can be created at any budget. Style does not have to come at a price. Style comes with an understanding of materials, colors, and build concepts that few spend the time to embrace.