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luxury home builds in phoenix (3018 N. Evergreen)

Evergreen represents our mission statement in so many ways. It truly is a ground up modernization of a 1950's Mid-Century ranch home. Its original owner fancied himself as a bit of a designer himself and we partnered with the sons to bring the house their father had dreamed of to reality. It is rare when we get an opportunity like this but it is always special. The family enjoyed being a part of the process as they watched us create something beautiful. Then they get the added benefit of reaping in the rewards as the haus sells to its new owners.

The original Evergreen haus was positioned on a postage stamp lot backed up to Phoenix country club. At just over 1200 sqft it provided for the original family and allowed for their father to add an extension for an additional living space. Mod Haus saw the vision and brought modern building materials and concepts in to finish his dream. This 2138 sqft sleeper features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and the always present Mod Haus great room. The freedom to invite 50 of your closest friends and still feel space as you entertain was the goal. Welcome to Evergreen.